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Interview Standuplatino in English: Robby Naish, the SUP master in person

A few weeks ago we published our exclusive Interview of Robby Naish …in Spanish of course!!

But as we have done in a few occasions before, we thought this interview was worth also publishing in English. So here it goes for all our readers who have trouble reading us in general, and still wonder what the heck “SUPista” means... to all of you guys: Muchas Gracias for following StandUpLatino (despite just watching the images), and enjoy reading this ITW of “el Maestro”, Mr Robby Naish himself.

Hi Robby, thanks for taking some time for StandUpLatino.com.
Our first question: what did you have for breakfast this morning?
RN: I actually am still eating breakfast... A bit late.  I am having left over taco bell tacos!

Is that your usual breakfast?
RN: No,  But I do not have a "usual" breakfast. I eat all kinds of strange stuff for breakfast.

Do you take a lot of care about your diet?
RN: Not really.

What about sport? We see you riding at a very high level in Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and SUP, do you still maintain a training program?
RN: I still train a lot, but have never, even in my competitive days, had a regimented training program.  I do different things and try to maintain a balance... But the most important thing is time on the water.  As I am growing older I should begin to train more methodically, which I have slowly begun.

How many hours a week do you spend in the water?
RN: It really varies, but as much as possible.  It really depends on the conditions.  Weeks might be thirty hours... Others might be only a couple of hours.

How many hours at your desk on a computer?
RN: As little as possible.  Time on the water and time on the computer are polar opposites... I clearly NEED to spend time working in a conventional sense with my various responsibilities, but it is something that I do through necessity rather than through desire.  I do not "play" on the computer.

Talking about SUP now, when was the time you said “ok, this is the future for our company, we need to get into this”, and what make you take the decision?
RN: It was not one point really where we said "sup" is the future.  It was pretty clear early on that sup was fun and had the potential for broad appeal.... Even beyond kitesurfing and windsurfing. We integrated sup into our range and began pushing our distributors to understand the sport and its potential and it slowly caught on.  Having all three board sports in our portfolio at naish provides a good balance... They all fit together.

How important is SUP for your business? What does it represent versus Windsurfing and Kitesurfing?
RN: Sup is a growing business and is an ever increasing part of our business.  It is already bigger than the windsurfing business for us, but not yet as big as kitesurfing.  I am fairly sure that it will be our largest division in the near future, but you never know.  We will be happy with whatever happens and will continue to do our best no matter what.

Where do you see SUP in 10 more years? what do you think will be the difference with today?
RN: I am fairly confident that sup will be a major sport worldwide, both on a performance and a recreational level.  It is so accessible, and so much fun, and such a great workout that there is no reason for it not to continue to grow.

We have seen you in ad campaigns of companies like Porsche and Tommy Hilfiger, do you think there is a change in the way the “surfing” world is being perceived today so that so prestigious brand want to associate their name to it?  
RN: Surfing in all of it's variations is clearly no longer just fringe sport.  People want to do it, regardless of where they come from, and want to live the surfing lifestyle.

RN: The biggest wave you have ever ridden in SUP?
The biggest wave I have ridden on an sup was around twelve foot Hawaiian...  For me it is not really about trying to surf the biggest waves any more.  I want to surf good waves, fun waves, and new waves.  I love surfing and love life, and am not as fired up on big waves and all the hype around big wave riding as I once was.

The longest distance you have paddled?
RN: The longest I have paddled was sixteen miles down the south east coast of maui.  I am not really a distance guy so to speak, but now and then love paddling with friends on a longer paddle.

If you had to chose only one board for all purpose, which one would it be and why?
RN: 11'4.  If I had to have one board for cruising, wave riding, paddling wih the kids etc, the naish 11'4" does it all very well.

If I am correct you are a grandfather. What is Robby’s family life like?
RN: My family life is awesome.  I have a wonderful four year old daughter named Christina and an amazing daughter named Nani who is 29 and a cute little grand daughter named Lilikoi who is nearly two.  My wife Katie and I live on Maui but still spend time in Kailua, (where I am now for the month of July)

Do you get a lot together with your fathers and brothers?  
RN: I see my father quite often as we still work closely together on board development.  My older brother Randy lives half year in Italy but we see each other several times per year.  my younger brother rolly lives in Kailua so I see him often.

What is the longest period you have spent home without getting onto an aircraft?
RN: Three weeks, but seldom.  If I am home I will normally fly to oahu at least within two weeks, but am really often on planes... Normally two weeks at home would be a long time!

Where do you plan to go for your next SUP trip?
RN: I have several options and am still trying to decide.... Another long left hander though.  My trip to costa rica was really fun, and i want to go and surf some more new spots.

Thanks a lot Robby, anything else you’d like to say to the followers of StandUpLatino?
RN: Much aloha!!

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